EddieCane where is our course? (TBM)

Discussion in 'The Shit List' started by mandude, Jan 5, 2011.

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    This guy, also known as Jeremy Hall is another promising money stealing loser.
    He isnt too active here anymore, but he does lurk here..
    He had some great posts here before, and so I signed up to his newsletter. Never again will I purchase anything that he promotes, not after his practices. Easiest way to turn customers off.

    He sold his own personal course, called the Traffic Blitz Method (TBM)
    http://www.trafficblitzmethod.com/ login at http://www.trafficblitzmethod.com/tbmaccess/

    expensive ass course, I think I paid over $300, PLUS another $300 or something for the 'advanced' course/lessons.
    First off, we paid before any content at all was even in there. the majority of the main course is there now, but the advanced stuff never came.
    and he NEVER answers emails or PMS here. I have tried multiple times. The guy that actually was the brains and the ideas came from, also is here, yuki but I dont blame him, he wasnt in control of the site.

    Who else was part of TBM? who else bought the advanced course? the forums are 100% dead as well.