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Ecommerce Store - Creating an SEO Plan [Help]

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Revolate, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Revolate

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    Aug 2, 2011
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    So here it goes, I'm back in action after being distracted for quite some time, I need to create an SEO plan for my website. Heres the issue, I have around 500 products and over 2K categories, (normally it's the other way round but my niche is un-usual) My competitors have max of 10 backlinks (approx) per category/product as they rely on there huge domain authority.

    I'm competing against domains with a high authority on average around the 60-80 bracket which is very high. My website is currently around 50. So I'm technically an authority site just not as big as my competitors, yet. ;) I rank quite well for some keywords, some are on the first page for competitive keywords 6k+ exacts a month, and I'm almost first page for a 27.7k exact a month.

    As you may all know that the more domain authority you have the better chance your inner pages rank higher too as it spreads to inner pages, that means I need to boost my domain authority, but to do that would be very hard as I can't accuire high quality links as my niche is a strange one. (although it probably is possible with a lot of time). I've never really looked into web 2.0's....

    So I need to start a plan, I'm thinking of social bookmarks mixed with a press release for each product or category and if it's worth doing maybe some 2.0s if someone can give me insights to this. Does anyone have any tips, please share them! :)

    My ecommerce store is quite good to be honest, I interlink all my products correctly, correct onsite SEO and I've just fixed some issues I had with broken links so all should be good. I have clean URLS and use a CDN so the site speed is fast. I could obviously improve it as not every product and category have unique content, but with this SEO plan I'll be updating the specific product/category along the way with high quality unique content when I target them. I need to start ranking my site as I'm not making much money at all. So what I invest needs max ROI. If anyone can assist/help me out that would be awesome.
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  2. van4et0

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    Dec 19, 2012
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    I think, that in this days, the best start is with social links from FB, G, TW, Pinterest.

    After that you can continye with other staf.