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eBook Positioning & Marketing Help

Discussion in 'BlackHat Lounge' started by ScubaSkiSkydiveBum, Jan 17, 2015.

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    Jan 16, 2015
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    Where to Position An eBook For Marketing?

    Hi guys/girls.

    This is a long ?question? so please bare with it if you can.

    I have a bit of a conundrum that may seem trivial and ?common sense? to most of you but I need some guidance on the finer detail of how to actually put the following into action. I am basically becoming overloaded with information and getting confused and frustrated at determining the way forward.I have basically come to a standstill. I understand the concept of the overall picture and although I have conducted plenty of research, I am not fully accustomed to the gnitty gritty and working parts and nuts and bolts of online marketing.

    I also like to set my stall up and lay a good foundation in everything I do to ensure the best possible success. Yes I am anal in that sense,but I believe it to be necessary for the best chance of success. (I participate in some ?dangerous? sports that require such planning and that planning allows me to continue to participate alive?lol.)

    Let me set the scene by being specific and telling you what I have actually done so far and what tools/software etc that I envisage using to help me on the way and hopefully this can be corrected by you and will help in the responses that I hope to get from you guys.

    I then intend on coming back and giving back once I am complete by detailing the exact process for those newbies coming up behind me. Nothing better in my opinion than a newbies perspective and as a vocational instructor I know how to really give a step by step lesson in pretty much anything I deliver once I have grasped the concept myself! Unlike some of the junk information products I have purchased that are written by complete muppets without a shred of instructional ability. I?m sure you have bought those products yourselves. Promise this and that but never actually deliver!

    Anyways??..here goes:-

    I have created 6 ?eBooks? with 3D covers (using OpenOfficeWriter) that are all related to the same niche.

    This niche is something that I have personally worked in ?offline?for more than 20 years, so I am ?passionate? and knowledgeable about it and the content for these eBooks was therefore relatively easy for me to produce,although very time consuming (don?t believe those who tell you it?s quick and easy!). Not wanting or meaning to come across as big headed, I know pretty much all there is to know about this particular ?niche? as it has been my career for a long time so these eBooks are extremely insightful, helpful, detailed and more importantly the content is actionable with real time results for the reader.

    I obviously do not want to spill the beans on what this niche actually is (that would be business suicide) but I can say that these eBooks are not related in any way to the internet marketing niche or making money online niche, nor are they related in any way to the usual health, fitness or dating related niche markets. I have a very specific target audience that are not necessarily accustomed to being spammed with online marketing material so they are likely to respond quite favourably to a squeeze page, free gift, opt-in form or a sales page. I know exactly what these people want/need and when they want/need it so these eBooks will be positioned to fill that want/need perfectly.

    All 6 eBooks obviously contain lots of content and images and are currently just sitting on my desktop and doing nothing. I need to get them out there but not completely sure which is the best way of doing that.

    The first eBook will be ?free? and used as a lead magnet for list building using AWeber. I will actively encourage those who sign up for this free eBook to share it far and wide because this free eBook will also contain links to my other 5 paid eBooks and possible related products. I will also add social media links within all books etc.

    The next 5 ?paid for? eBooks will be up sells to the list that I build using the AWeber follow up sequence. (This is yet to be devised).

    I have already purchased a domain name.
    I already have AWeber. (not used as yet).
    I have hosting (Hostgator).
    I have PayPal.

    I intend on creating and using a Wordpress website/blog to market these eBooks.

    I know I will need to incorporate a mixture of sales pages/squeeze pages/thankyou pages etc but uncertain of that full process as yet.

    My conundrum is how to actually put all this together to create the automated sales funnel that I envisage. I appreciate that nothing is actually done on ?autopilot? and that I still need to work on it through testing, tweaking and driving traffic etc but I need your help to actually get me to that stage.

    I need the ability to be able to secure my paid eBooks from illegal downloads but not sure of the best process for that. I have read about using FTP etc but not sure if that is the correct or efficient way of doing things.

    I would ideally prefer to receive 100% of the profits and will therefore be looking to avoid using e-junkie or similar but you may change my mind on this. (I am aware of them but don?t know enough about them yet to make an informed decision on using them). Or are there any Wordpress plugins that anyone would recommend or suggest that will work with the other software I envisage using?

    As you can see, I have plenty of ideas and I have little pieces in place but I don?t really know how best to put it all together.

    Do I upload these eBooks, all related files and eBook images etc via FTP to Hostgator/server or do I upload it all direct to my wordpress site????..or do I need to do both?

    How do I secure the eBooks when using Wordpress, Hostgator, AWeber,FTP (FileZilla?) PayPal.

    I have purchased some so called ?newbie friendly instructional products? but they are poorly created and woefully biased towards affiliate products etc and they do not give the step by step instructions that they purport to give and completely fail in delivering what they said they would deliver. Fed up of being burned or scammed by wannabies making a quick buck from ?gullible? newbies. I appreciate that this is how the majority of the IM niche works but at least sell us stuff that we can understand and works guys!

    So, in summary I am ideally asking for your personal insight and experiences. How did you do it? What process did you follow? What software/plugins did you use? If you can deliver that information in an easy step by step written tutorial covering the ins and outs of the above that would be great or if your know of where I can find such information that actually works and gives me what I need then that would be good too.

    If you are a newbie and have recently done any of the above then I would value your input. In my experience, fresh use of a system from a newbie?s perspective is usually the best source of information if they can put it across effectively.

    Hope this isn?t too much of an ask for a first post. My grandma always said that ?you don?t get if you don?t ask?. It will be repaid?.I promise.

    Thanks in advance guys.

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