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    May 6, 2017
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    Hello this is my second real attempt at something. The first was a shitty dropshipping fidget spinner idea.

    My new method is to give away 25 files at 8+ ebooks each from uploadocean, which pays .02 per download from tier 1. Alot of my traffic will be from tier 3 or 4 countries, so I need to come up with another idea to add.

    I decided against surveys because too many people would assume it's a scam, if they could even get through the survey.
    So it's ppd no survey. That's why the rate is so low. Anyways, I thought about adsense for more profit, but due to the nature of my site, Google wouldn't allow it. Url shortners are just annoying with no real profit. Generating fake traffic would do nothing for me as well, as I don't plan to publicize this site too hard.

    I don't want my site to come off as ad-spammy. What would be an appropriate amount to generate profit, but not seem too eager?
    Any other monetization ideas would be great, as well as any feed back.

    Thx for reading :)
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