Ebay & VERO - Super Heroes / Marvel / Replicas ?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by jhillman87, Mar 12, 2014.

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    Anybody have experience or knowledge on super-hero related merchandise (IE. Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Avengers, etc.) and selling them on Ebay?

    I'm interested in importing toys of similar nature, like action figures, dolls, miniatures, etc.

    I was wondering though how EBAY restricts items like these that are well known but not a big brand name. They are still technically trademarked, but do they hammer down on product stated as not from a brand?

    For example,
    LEGO makes their own Batman miniature/figure.
    Do they have an issue with product of similar-looking Batman miniatures, but are specifically stated in the posting as NOT produced by Lego, but are Lego-compatible? Or if it was stated in posting produced by OEM factory?

    Appreciate the assistance,

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    i would think that who ever sold what would be determined by ebay viewing your account and if your account has a bad selling history or you enough complaints your account is toast!

    i do want to ask you though is there really a big market for marvel and dc stuff? and action figures?

    i would think that stuff would be to little to mess with personally........
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    A lot of times it's not eBay that restricts items, it's the VERO rights holder themselves, as some of them have employees who go through eBay listings and taking them down all day.

    In your example, either LEGO or DC Comics would have rights to take down your listings, even if you specifically state that they are not produced by LEGO. Under vero, if you're selling LEGO compatible blocks, you are not allowed to use the term LEGO anywhere in your listing.
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