Ebay Seller Limits and shipping time

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    Hello my BHW friends,

    I am a New seller on ebay via dropshipping from amazon and would like to ask a few questions and wish all the professional/experienced ebay sellers to advice me in the correct way.

    1. How to increase my limits easily in a fastest way possible ? Requirements to do so and where can I contact them ?

    2. How to lessen down shipping time as much as possible ? Is it possible to keep renew my 30 day amazon prime easily ? If it is, what should I expect to handle ? Or any other way to lesson down the time ?

    3. How to have paypal release my funds to me as fast as possible ? I want to remove my 21 days account hold . It is just too long for the funds to reach my bank account.

    4. How do I upgrade my rating with positive feedback ? Do i have to contact ebay or they will up automatically ?

    P.S. I am not being lazy and have done research myself on ebay and some other websites/articles for guidelines. Is just that I am still confused/unclear with the topics that can be found above on questions that I had asked.

    Thank you BHW MEMBERS ! I am very motivated, hardworking and want to succeed on dropshipping !
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    in most things there's the right way to do it and there's the fast and easy way to do it. In most things they are not the same way.

    as a drop shipper you have no real control over how fast your purchase ships; it's something you have to live with. You can just make sure that it ships within time listed in the listing.

    this shouldn't be a problem once you get your 21 day holds lifted after 90 days and/or 25 transactions

    DO NOT WORRY ABOUT FEEDBACKS. They have no effect on anything. The only metric eBay really uses is buyer dissatisfaction / number of sales. Since negative buying experience is 1000x more likely to leave feedback than positive buying experience, trolling for feedback is a bad idea, IMO. Remember...no feedback counts as positive in eBay's eyes.
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    1) case by case. If you are using an EB account with your real info calling is a good option. Call and ask right out of the bat if you are really eager. But it helps if you have already got'n a few sales WITH feedback. If they say no on the first call, call back and ask again after you get 10 feedback on 10 sales. Yes you can have your friends fake some sales for you but make it look organic. If they say no the second time you will need to wait till the following month to call again. Keep in mind it depends on alot of factors, so you will read different answers and theories on this. I have done this tons of times and I don't even know what the outcome will be till it happens case by case.
    2) with AZ prime you shouldn't do more than 30 DS orders a month on each AZ account (IF your CC address is different form the SHIP to address that qualifies as a DS order by AZ) . I have seen people do alot more than 30.. but 30 is a safe number. You can simply get new email addresses and EVEN use the same CC to open the 30 days free prime. AZ doesn't seem to care and you can get free prime as long as you do the work. (Once you get free trail set up go into setting and hit "DO NOT RENEW"). Or you can have a few prime accounts that you actulaly pay the $110 a year and rotate.
    3) 21 day hold will be released--- after
    ---- 90 days after your first ebay sale
    ---- you have over $450 of sales on ebay
    ---- you have 25 sales
    YOU Must complete all 3 of these. There are rare cases (like if your account was a buyer account for years before the first sale) where you will not need all these and one day you magically get instant funds available before you meet these requirments.
    4) I don't think I understand your question. You get more feedback by buying and selling and having people rate you. You can buy ebooks and get BUYER feedback (not helpful when asking for increase in limit) or sell ebooks for $.99 or receips. PROBLEM with selling ebooks or recieps, when you call ebay and they see these items some CS agents will give you a hard time since it is in the grey area a TOS violation.

    YOU are confused by the info you read becuase you are getting varrying answers becuase each person has a different approach and account and therefore they get different results. Keep in mind 90% of what you read is correct, it is just each case is different and the person posting on a forum doesn't have enough experience to understand how each difference impacted their results.
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