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    This might be dumb, but for some reason I just got my eBay account permanently suspended.

    Now, before anyone thinks I was doing something wrong, I had it for roughly 8 years, had made 4 purchases (5th pending) and today listed an iPod to sell.

    On their help chat, this is what i got: "I've checked your account and please be advised that our decision to suspend your account is based on evidence from our records. We are not comfortable with your selling practices and we do not feel that they are conducive to a positive trading environment."

    Thing is, I had just bought a nexus tablet and paid for it. They say they have nothing to do and that I have to sort with PayPal. I'm doing that already.

    But I'm here to ask if any of you would be kind enough to retweet my last tweet, regarind this issue. My twitter account is @themidfieldr

    I just want to see what kind of waves can be created by this.