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Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Miss243, Jun 17, 2017.

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    Hey guys!
    i apolgize ahead of time if this is in the wrong thread, I thought there was one dedicated for ebay but i'm not seeing it.

    So im semi new here, I've been lurking for a couple months now just to get an idea on how the IM works. I've been trying things for about 5ish month and i finally found a niche on ebay! I've made 3 sales in the last two days. I have a few questions.

    How am i able to increase my selling limits or can i buy a seasoned ebay account? Im currently able to do 5sales or $500 in a month. I've had my account since early 2016 just never really sold on it before.

    Paypal is currently showing my funds to be released at the end of the month
    6/30 i've uploaded tracking and everything else but not sure why its being held long.

    also i would appreciate any other tips you may have for me in this "adventure" After trying clickbank,teespring and shopify. had to rethink my approches and finally made my first few sales!
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    Just call them and let them know you are looking forward to sell on eBay. Just act normal dont be nervous, and be a lil bit persistent.

    If they say no, call back again immediately, dont care about the previous rep reply.

    Also.. If you 100% want an increase, just buy an ebay store and say that to them 100% you will ge tthe increase