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    So , I had my car for sale on ebay motors last week but didn't sell cause last bid was below my reserve price.
    2 days later, I received a phishing scam email asking if I still have this car and if I will accept a trade with another item , and he provided a link supposedly with the item but it was a common phishing scam page asking to log in to ebay to view his item . Which I didn't .

    Now my question is , how did he sent the scam email straight to my email add. ?
    I didn't communicate with any ebay member, because no question was asked from bidders, my email and ebay user id are different, my email add. is not listed in item description...The phishing scam email had also, picture and all details of my listing , was sent from ebay(at)ebey.us :) .

    So how did he get my email address?:crazy:
    There is no way to get the email address of any ebay seller , unless you contact him and he reply from his email address not ebay account or if you buy something from him.

    PM if you know how, don't make this public .

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