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    Hey All,

    Just last week both of the above mentioned accounts were limited. I was selling a digitally delivered item which I got from a supplier and upsold it. You know the drill. The supplier assured me it was OK and I could see from his feedback that he had been selling for quite a few years without any problems. So, I did get a few warnings from eBay and I would stop selling for a week or 2 before starting again and making a bit of money without any problems. Eventually I guess the warnings added up and they banned me. I rushed to my PayPal and withdrew the money I had in there and got it without a problem. 3 days later my PayPal was limited too. Both are "Indefinite". I have been in contact with PayPal who said they can't unlimit the account yet but I should get the eBay account sorted and they would look at it for me then. I contacted eBay and they said they were forwarding my details on to the relevant section who would be in touch no later than 48 hours. I am still waiting a week later.

    The supplier I mentioned is still active and selling on eBay. I have a theory that he has you buy the item from him, allow you to upsell BUT report some of the auctions to eliminate competition.

    Also, the most annoying part of this is that I have always had accounts in good standing and sometimes people do ask for refunds for this item through eBay which places a hold on PayPal funds. Normally I explain to them that I will refund but it was clearly stated in the auction text that they were getting a digital item rather than something sent in the mail. I would then refund them. However, with the limitations now in place and not being able to sell to get funds into my PayPal this is now sending my balance into the negative area. I have to go through to my bank and topup from there. It's a bit of a pain.

    I should note that PayPal are probably so open to removing restrictions if I sort the eBay account out as I have uploaded all my IDs before and am Verified with them. I would think eBay should be open to removing restrictions to as when a case is opened I always sort it out within a couple of hours and never leave a mess for them to deal with. I also have 100% positive feedback.

    So, there you have it. What would you guys advise me to do? Is there actually any way to get my eBay account back up and running or should I give up?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.