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    So, after a year of reading BHW and months of failed experiments, I can say I actually started making money from EPN. In the last 3 days, I earned $80 from scratch. However, I do have some questions that I failed to find answers to here.

    With Ebay Partner Network, there is the quality traffic payout crap..... This is what I'm wondering: do you build up your EPC day after day or is it evaluated on a daily basis.

    To expand, lets say i'm getting 600 clicks per day. Each day there is about a 10% of those clicks that become active users on ebay. So, will by EPC go up day after day or will it remain the same? So to elaborate, let say that if this is the case, i can build up EPC over the weekend to, let's say $0.32, and on Monday, I'll crive 10,000 clicks knowing that my Epc will be at $0.32?


    is EPC evaluated on a daily basis? So at 10% buying clicks i'll get a static $0.16 day after day, and if I get no conversions, i'll have a $0.00