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Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by MTUser2010, Sep 16, 2012.

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    Oct 21, 2010
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    I'd like to get into the eBay Partner Network. I've tried twice and failed.

    If you are an expert on what it takes to get into the EPN, I'd like to pay you for your time, to learn from you.

    I have a project up on vWorker now to build a site that can get approved for EPN. You would work with me and the coder I hire to build the site as a consultant. Alternatively, if you can build one for me as well as advise me, I'd consider hiring you.

    Unless it won't work, I already have a domain and site for reworking into a winning EPN site.

    Site must be WordPress, and I prefer the Genesis theme.

    Payment for this project is back-end loaded. I am willing to pay something now for your time so you know that I am serious. I can also provide references of my trustworthiness. But you have to have an incentive for me to be successful in getting into EPN.

    Any questions, you can post or PM me. I am a newbie on here , so I don't know if I can reply back or not. Please include your email or Skype.
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    I'm in EPN already and would consider a JV with you if you're interested.

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    Jan 2, 2013
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    I created a program that assist power buyers on eBay and has been approved by eBay dev team. Actually it's geared for power buyers to be able to buy more BUY IT NOW items. Have just a handful of users first few months where total sales from just a few people are 1.5-2Million a month using Buy It Now items only.

    Would EPN work for this type of "traffic" driver. ...where it's repeat buyers but most of the items they wouldn't have otherwise purchased where our tool helps them to see if faster and streamline the decision making and checkout process?

    Any guestimate (if this type of model works for EPN) that if we drove 5 buyer ID's on eBay to purchase 1 million/month in electronic items on eBay, what that would equate to? (a rough guesstimate does the trick for now ;)

    Thanks so much in advance! I've got a great tool ...not just trying to figure out how to monetize on it !