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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by dadecotti, Nov 16, 2012.

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    Would like to know some info about ebay:
    I need two account for both buyer and selecr or can do both activities on same account?
    Is it possible to sell "non material" stuff? Like images, files, etc.
    If I select to be paid using moneybookers I'm losing many customers since 90% of buyers uses paypal?

    Can you please help me with these questions? Would be very much appreciated.
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    well i can answer the non material stuff.. you will get suspended or removed from ebay for that, unless you send the stuff physically on a cd. you can buy and sell without any worries from the same account.

    money bookers? didnt even know ebay accepted that as a payment then again i could be wrong lets see what others say.
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    You do not need two accounts for buying and selling you can do both on the same account. You are able to have multiple accounts though if you would like to treat different accounts like brands. There are some rules to understand about having multiple accounts though like you can't be selling the same product just to get around selling limits so understand the rules.

    Speaking of understanding the rules make sure you do. Read the forums and the TOS and also know the fee structures and know about shipping. So many people complain about how htey are losing money on items but never took the time to understand ebay fee strucuture or the best way to ship items.

    I'm kind of confused about whether you can sell nonmaterial stuff. I see some people using it but I notice ebay for a while wasn't allowing digital delivery of goods. Not sure if they have recently changed that or not, I have heard some buzz about that but havn't confirmed it for myself. Some people do sell things like ebook and state in the auction that they will not be sending a physical CD. If someone has an issue with it and files a claim they will just refund money but from what I hear not many people mind people understand.

    This is just my personal opion but if your not going to use Paypal don't even bother getting on ebay. I woudln't bid on something that didn't accept paypal. For me it's an issue of convenience of making payment however many people like Paypals buyer protection.
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