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    Dear friend ,

    We are supplier of Unlimited Data 4g for Tmo" , We are looking for some local craiglist lister or ebay lister to sell our simcards. This business is OFF the hook ! We have almost 1000 simcards only take 1 months to sell. We have offer this business from 2002. We also will upgrading our server to enable video streaming and download.

    Works On USB , Phone , Ipad, Note,Tablets Tmo" Plan (We are looking for US Sellers) Will work on other countries where Tmo is available.

    THIS IS TRUE UNLIMITED 4 G Services for less. What u sell is SIM CARD ! We sell it for $35 included $10 prepaid Tmo" , Everyone can sell it $50-$100 , its your profit !

    This is an amazing sleak deals ! Compare Clear unlimited plan for $49.99 Spirit $49.99 or Winmax Future Virgin Mobil $59.99

    For only $10 per 3 months !!! You get free true unlimited data NO Slowing down !

    All u need for ebay seller : - Copy paste our ebay listing and put your phone number ( i will take you how to talk to buyer and how this system works)

    For local : - You can purchases wholesale sim card from me for $30 (minum 5) and sell it to your friend or family. All instruction included on sheet.

    We currently selling only 2 on internet. One me and One my server admin. We are one team and we limited our business to strict known people.

    We also can teach you to setup your own simcards (so u dont need to buy our sim but simply tune your own simcards to sell for $700)

    OUR NEW RESELLER ON EBAY : 170881839248

    We've are new on ebay and we need more people to market this products. We are not affiliate with any company , We are private server owner that loop tmo dataline.

    Msg me for more detail or txt me at 832 878 6808. Who give u free data on mobile ? not even netzero ! We need someone who have solid mind to make extra money !
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    sounds good would like more info