Ebay interrogating me / FTC issues ANYONE?


Jul 13, 2017
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Hi my fellow growth hacking friends,

so i got a mail from Ebay asking me about how i drive traffic to my website and ulitmately to ebay. I am sure they want to check if i play by the FTC rules. Since i mainly drive traffic through Instagram, but rarely asked the sellers for permission to use their pictures (which i now do every time) i am afraid that Ebay will try to trace back my communication with sellers to tell if i infringed FTC rules. I am a little pissed off that Ebay is getting at me like that because i am just starting to see a increase in income from EPN, but it is still very low. Did anyone here ever receive a mail like this? How did you respond? Have you given them all your URL’s (also to your Insta) and what happened?

FTC is really cracking down on Instagram influencers right now. I’m also interested in hearing about your experiences with it and how you avoid being banned.

Thanks and have a great week,