eBay getting tougher to progress... What am i missing?

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by dannym954, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Hi guys, lemme first explain my situation. My step brother and I have been working on a small time web design and hosting company and in February we landed our first client, it was a semi big client as they are a clothing shop chain but their shops are split so some are menswear and the other are womenswear and they not only wanted a website designing for each but also an ebay storefront and listings for each, which was great for us. As they were already on eBay we decided to do that first, so we redesigned the shops and listings and sold them to the client. They later realised that this on it's own could only go so far and they didn't have a clue how to run it properly, even down to pasting HTML into their listings, so they took me on 6 days a week to run it for them.

    I'm paid a flat rate + a commission on their 7 day rev. At the minute i've got the mens hitting around 2k per week constantly and the womens hitting about half that so not a bad run so far, but it's starting to level out and by looking at our competitors i know it's possible to go way way higher.

    The way i took it up was simply by first getting powerseller status and then eBay top rated, then i changed as many titles and descriptions as possible for maximum visibility (just basic SEO but on eBay), then i watched what sold well and if something does go really well then i ask them to buy more of that item and pay the fee for featured first for 7days. There are of course a few other small things such as cross promotion but we want to really smash it and I ofcourse would like my wages to keep going up ;)

    So, to the eBay gurus... What am i missing? How are my competitors so big? Is there a better way to implement my existing methods?

    If you got this far, then thank you for reading :3
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    Start looking for ways to bring outside traffic in beyond the warm market. Ebay is your warm market they are in the buying zone. Find ways to market to people in the buying/looking zone on other sites where you can place banner ads and push them thru to ebay store.
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    Start a few blogs about your products; then automate them or outsource...