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    Hi all,

    I have been selling on eBay for a couple of years now. Its all going pretty well. I have been trying to stick to the rules but have come to a point where my competition is obviously using slightly dodgy techniques.

    From what i can tell they make a private listing for an item then use either stealth or friends/family accounts to purchase the items. As i understand eBay ranks listings higher if the impression/view to purchase ratio is high. As the fake buyers view the item once and immediately purchase the item and leave pos feedback this pushes their listings high in the best match search results.

    I suspect this is what is happening as most of the listings at the top of the search results in my selling category are private listings. As they are everyday items and are not sensitive in anyway i am pretty sure this is to hide/avoid other people seeing the fake buyers and reporting them.

    I know i could get a few friends and family to buy my items from me. I could also setup a few stealth ebay accounts to buy from myself. I was wondering if anyone knew of a better way to go about this?

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    I am not selling anything illegal, and don't want to sell anything on any stealth accounts.

    Do i need a ebay account that is linked to a PayPal account if its not going to sell anything and only be used to purchase items.

    Any thoughts or ideas would be great.

    My ebay account is over 15 years old, it has nearly 15,000 feedback at 99.7% positive. I offer free next day shipping as standard and can beat anyone on price. All items are Good till cancelled and Buy it now.

    The competion i am talking about have much much less feedback, lower feedback rating, using newer accounts.

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    pretty easy
    depends what it is you're selling

    take better, more clear pictures and design your listing to make it look better
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    its easy to make a buyer account, just use all different details and use a friends computer on different internet connection to make sure you don't fuk it up. Then just buy loads and refund a few days later if you don't want to pay the fees. Best match is mostly just whos sold the most/time
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    I've noticed this also.

    Plus, as I mentioned in another thread, my comp were purchasing eBay watchers to help gain an edge.

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