Ebay bidding bot based on keywords?


Feb 12, 2014
I'm looking for an ebay bidding bot.

Not a sniping bot that requires each item number like all those out there on google.

I'm looking for something that can search for a keyword and bid on items based on settings, like if the item is ending within 24 hours or if it is under a certain price.

So far all I've found are sniping bots that require each individual item number to be entered. I need something that could pick its own items based on keywords and criteria.

Any ideas? :cool: :confused:
There is a reason this does not exist.

1) Replicas - if you search based on just keywords, you will be bidding on potential replicas automatically. If 1 in 10 items you buy is a replica, that's a big problem, especially if you are just reselling (profits won't be as high).

2) Keyword stuffing - keywords on eBay aren't reliable, at all. Search for "supreme box logo hoodie" on eBay - the first 2 results aren't box logo hoodies.

Unless it's something with a unique identifier, like college textbooks, it's a very risky game. Like ZennoBlaster said, you will have to have it custom coded.

Jared255 mentioned the pitfalls, especially in buying.

I used to do arbitrage, and you can't let a bot do the buying (unless you have deep pockets!). There are too many variables; is it fake? Are there parts missing? Does the listing seem fishy? Non of these things can be picked up by a bot.
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