Easy Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Programs (beginners)


Jun 18, 2018
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This is my first knowledge share for BHW , please provide me your valuable feedback !

Easy Ways To Make Money With Affiliate Programs (beginners)

Make Money Online has been attracting millions of internet users and has been going on for quite
some time now. One of the ways to make money online is through affiliate programs.
Thousands have claimed they are earning four- to five-figure income just from getting into these
In affiliate marketing, you get paid for promoting products or services online. For example, you sign
up with a company to promote their products in your website or blog. You get paid for each visitor of
your site that decides to purchase the product you are promoting.
You’re usually paid a percentage of the sale price or a fixed amount you and a company agreed on.
Basically, you’re an online salesman.

1. Choose The Right Affiliate Programs

A lot of affiliate programs are available out there. You just need to distinguish the good eggs from
the bad ones.
Find more information about the affiliate programs you are interested in. Look for their payment
methods, history, and for feedbacks from those who have been successful (and not so successful) in
that program.
If a certain program doesn’t do you good, try another one. Take your time to experiment which
program is the most effective for your style.

2. Promote Quality Products

Customers always want the best product or service they could get for a reasonable amount of
Moneycontrol. Choose what is best for their needs and point them to the right direction.
Select trustworthy MLM companies and quality products to promote. It would hurt your reputation if
you glorify a product only to lead your customer into buying cheap goods.

3. Look for Demand

Selling products with low market demand would not get you high sales.
Think what you want to sell. Do research on products or services that have high demand. Write
about them and build your promotion around these products.

4. Relevance

Products or services you are promoting should be relevant to the target audience of your site.
If your site discusses topics on Bluehost Web Hosting, put ads of products treating Web Hosting You
don’t put ads of MyThemeShop or Wp Plugin.
Meet the needs of your target audience. The more relevant your ads to your content, the more they
will purchase them.

5. Gain solid Trust

Customers have the tendency to buy products from tried and tested vendors. One factor that keeps
them coming back is the trust they have on these vendors.
Start building trust from your site by providing very useful products, avoiding too much promotion
and providing more information. If they see that your content is genuine, they’ll look for you and your
promotions in the future.
Slowly build credibility and trust. It’s very crucial for success.

6. Be honest

Being straightforward to your site visitors could gain you their confidence. Trying to fool visitors into
clicking irrelevant links just to get you a few cents could cost you your future of earning thousands.
Just tell them that the link you’re providing would lead them to a product that you’re promoting. This
would make your site more informative and consistent.

7. Believe in Your Product

It would be best if you’ve tried yourself the product you’re promoting. Your review would be much
more detailed and honest because you’re basing it on your personal experience.
It might not seem like a good idea, but writing the cons and not only the pros of a product could gain
you more credibility. Customers want detailed information, even negative ones, before deciding to
purchase a product.

8. Stay Updated

With millions around the world getting into this Small business, competition is relatively high. The
internet is a fast-paced world and changes occur every so often.
Stay updated with the latest offers, techniques, and tools that could give you leverage.

9. Get More Traffic

If you’ve built up trust with your visitors, it’s likely, but not absolutely, that traffic would follow. Traffic
would be the thing that brings you higher chances of converting your ads into successful purchases.
There are many other ways to increase traffic than just putting up the ads on your site. Look for other
sources, like Google Adwords, to promote your products simultaneously.

10. Keep Track of Statistics

Many affiliate marketing programs provide their partners a way to track statistics. With this, you can
keep track if your promotion is effective or not.
Use this information to constantly improve your site to optimize profits.

11. Positioning of Ads

Know where to best position your advertisements on your blog or website. Be sure to put them
where they will be more likely to be clicked – like inside the post itself as part of the topic.
Know also how often you should place them. Visitors tend to lose interest in reading your blog if
every phrase they read contains promotions.
Try experimenting where ads and banners should be put. Explore where they would be more
noticeable and effective in your site.

12. Be Patient

Making money out of affiliate programs is not a walk in the park. You’ve got to be patient as you
build up trust and traffic for your site.
Revenue from affiliate programs tends to grow over time. If your promotions are really good, affiliate
marketing could be a possible source of passive income in the future.

13. It’s all About The Content

With marketing, it is ALWAYS what you can offer than what you can get. Make them feel that you
want to help them by providing relevant, consistent and valuable information.
People usually back off right away when they see that your site contains a lot of links. Cluttering your
site with too many ads would jeopardize the credibility of your content.
Also, keep your content up to date. If you’ve created an updated write-up, you can provide a link for
the new one in your old site. This way, visitors of your old site could be redirected to the newer one.
Help them get what they want. Not what you want.
If you want to stay in the comfort of your home while earning money, you should consider getting
into affiliate programs. Remember that it takes more than just time to get a grip of the Success
Factors in a business.


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Dec 18, 2015
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Get More Traffic
that's the part where most of us are having the problem, traffic, especially the organic, is getting difficult everyday, pushing a lot of affiliates out of work or to BH techniques, actually as affiliates we started looking for traffic, before we think of the product, the assumption is find the traffic first then sell it a product


Jun 26, 2018
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"Where are your buyers?" is the first, second and third question you should ask in order to find visitors. Then write down 10 'buyers' questions they would ask, followed by doing keyword research about those phrases. Repeat the process until you have enough buyers located, and questions with low/medium competition to build some content with. Then you get traffic.