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Easy traffic and optins with safelists, ad exchanges, and solos

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by thejake, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. thejake

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    I've heard for 5 years that safelists and ad exchanges were dead, however, I recently had some positive experiences with safelist and ad exchange sites, and thought I'd relay the information.

    If you're not aware, safelists and ad exchanges usually operate on a principle where you are allowed to send or post an ad (usually via email) when you've earned enough credits looking at others' ads, or in some cases just on a certain schedule. You can often buy email blasts or banner ads directly, too.
    The key to making it work for free is scale. Sign up for as many safelists as you can and learn what you have to do to send out your campaigns. Here's some I've found and signed up with to get you started (several are run by the same guy):
    When you sign up, you need to think about what you're going to promote, and how. You're often limited to plain text emails with the free campaigns, but they can be just as effective as html. Short ?tease? campaigns can be very effective. Also make sure to use a shortened URL with a service like bit.ly or goo.gl.

    The important factor is your lander. A video or flash lander is great, but above all it has to be clear, high-impact, and unique. Those old WaFo chestnuts about giving away PLR and similar strategies aren't going to work. You're marketing to marketers, people who want to make money online and get traffic, just like you. If you want opt-ins in particular, you need to give something of similar value to a Fiverr service. I'm talking about logo design, swipe files, youtube services, things that are distinctly yours, not crap you find in the same 2 gig torrent of plr everybody's downloaded.

    If you want to buy solos without jumping through the views/credits hoops, there are some Fiverr service providers, but you can get them cheaper buying directly from the safelist managers after you sign up for the safelists. For example, you can get a 70k blast for about $2.50 if you buy 10 at a time on one of the safelist networks.

    My first one was a 50k blast from a guy on Fiverr, got over 1000 clicks so far, and almost 25 signups, which is great for $5. You can see the analytics at http://goo.gl/JKB71+

    There's a lot of cheap/free traffic potential in these sources. If you took a less lazy approach than I did, you could probably capitalize a lot more. Good luck bros!
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  2. bartosimpsonio

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    Mar 21, 2013
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    I've run out of Thanks credits for today I guess(the thankyou button no longer shows for me). So thanks for this, learned a new technique here.