Easy Money for Non US Citizen's

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    As you may be aware, Associated Content requires tax information for workers earning over $500 or otherwise they will not be paid.

    If you are not a US resident, and are unable to complete the necessary requirements to be paid by Associated Content, contact me. We can create a partnership where I will submit the articles you provide, and in return, I will keep a small portion of the earnings.

    When you contact me please include the daily number of articles you are able to provide.

    In regards to payments:
    -I?ll pay via Paypal
    -I can pay the same day Associated Content pays
    -I don?t require any minimum amount before sending the payment to you

    Please note, I will not tolerate individuals who act maliciously, if I believe your articles jeopardize my account (EG: copied, blatant spam, etc.) I will not submit them.

    Feel confident working with a Junior VIP who has earned the "Donor" status.