Easy(Method) Buying Video Games And Reselling Them.

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    Hello This Is A Method I use to do When I was 16-18 Years Old,I use this For Dope Money

    Any Your First Step is To Get An An Account Over @


    So You Can View the Video Game Deals Forum Unlimited

    Keep Up With The Clearance Threads Such As Target Clerance,Sears Clerance and So On

    You Will Be surprised on How Cheap Fairly Recent Games Get at Places Like Sears and Target,Also Block Buster with Buy 1 get 1 free deals on recent new games

    Below Is An Example I have Great Memory for some one who used to smoke alot of dope and now abuse alchool,any way

    I remember A Family Member Gave me Money For My Birthday

    BlockBuster was Having Buy 1 get 1 free sale on all used games 14.99 and under

    I Bought 5 Copies of GrandTheft Auto 4 for the Playstaion for 14.99+14.99+7.50(I Kept a Game For Myself)so that comes out 2=around 40 bucks if You Round Up for tax.

    So I sold 5 copies of the Game for $20 Bucks a Pop

    So 5x20=100 Bucks so $60 Bucks Profit

    Not that Bad. I sold Them on CraigsList They Went In A Few Days.

    Also Another way You can do This is Watch For GameStop to run A Trade in Deal

    Such as Trade 3 games that Qualify and Get This Upcoming Game Free.

    I have found Games that [email protected] That were on clearance at Stores such as Target For 12.77.So any way You can Trade the 3 Games in and Get a new Game.

    Ill skip the Math Lesson

    So You could Keep The Game Or The Sell The Game or Play The Game And Sell it used.

    Any Way This Just Gives You and Idea

    You Could also do other things Such as Garage Sailing or Trifting for Older games that are valuable.

    This Method Does work you Just Need to Take Action