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    I've been reading many methods and other posts from this forum so I thought I would give back. This method made me a little bit of pocket money and requires no upfront cash so that is why it appealed to me.


    Disposable Facebook account
    Adult dating or cam affiliate


    CPA offer or website in which to drive traffic

    This method involves making Facebook fan pages about adult actresses. It's good to have a few accounts that host the pages as I have learned because theses accounts get deleted. Also do not use your personal account like I did because it got deleted as well.

    1.) Find or make a list of the most popular adult actresses and corresponding pictures from Google images

    note: find images that show no explicit nudity because those will get your pages disable within days

    2.) Make about twenty pages. I suggest to make ten per account and let them sit. The pages that I have had the most success with are: Lisa Ann and Sara Jay.

    3.) With each new page link to the last page. It's a pretty self explanatory feature of Facebook.

    4.) Make a FBML code page in a new tab and set this to the default landing tab. My pages usually say 'Chat with X <link> and find the sexiest pictures <link>'.

    5.) On the landing page what I did was lock the rest of the fan page and then direct the users to a cam affiliate and tumblr blog of adult pictures. The cam converted kind of well and I was able to get around 300 visitors a day to the blog.

    6.) These pages will get fans on there own. Most of them time you'll get many 'likes' from users in the Middle East where many of these adult websites are blocked and Facebook is used as a medium to get those.

    My success:

    On my top two pages without any promotion or suggestions I got 1,000 fans within 5 weeks. And made $20/month from all my pages combined. I first used ****** and then a cam affiliate free sign-up offer. This may not seem like a lot of money but when you're just starting out it's pretty cool.

    If these method was scaled and spread among multiple accounts, which I suggest, you could drive significant traffic to your website or offer. Also make it so fans can not add pictures because a lot of times naked pictures will get added and your page deleted.
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    interesting method , I bet if scaled well this can bring in lots more
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    ill look to give this a shot
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    Interesting will try and will post a review..