EASY Backlink Guide For Noobs ++ Reverse Engineer you Competitor's Strategy EASY FREE!

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    Noob here, but a pretty well read Noob (I think)...I started to draft this as a response to another thread's question summarized:

    "My new Mini Niche Site site is up and running I think I'm done with the On page SEO for now. I got a few unique well written articles too. Basicly I don't know what to do now. I figured manual work would be the best as I really can't afford buying any tools such as scrapebox right now."

    My Response:

    Note: I've been reading this forum for months so I wanted to contribute, if anyone can help me out with my two requests at the bottom of this post (namely the one relating to SENukeX) I'd much appreciate it!

    ....I think a good place for you to go from here is to judge your competition for your targeted keywords then copy their strategy, just search your term in google and pay attention to the top ranking sites - why mess around with guessing what will work or not when you can just copy your competition whose strategy IS working...and copied manually if you want, in any case some SEOs do a lot of their link building manually after Panda and other recent updates...

    How you ask?

    Analyze their off page SEO, namely backlinks since this is the most important factor, and try to do what they did...use a free online tool like SEO quake, open site explorer, majestic SEO (these are limited in free mode) which will show you the backlinks that your competitors have just by entering their domain name...you can go to the pages where these backlinks are contained, find the link and consider the factors that make that link work for them, like anchor text, contextual links vs a link list, the PR of these domains, the quality and variety of content on the page containing the backlink etc...also most of these sites will be ones you can use yourself for backlinking, exactly mimicking what your competitor did to create that backlink for free (usually member profile pages, wiki posts, blogs, etc)....open site explorer will even breakdown what % of your competitors backlinks have anchor text A vs B....and the link type like IMG contained links....link diversity is important, mimick the link diversity and anchor text diversity of the site you're analyzing also...

    If you're not in a very competitive niche, or if you want to see how the top guys are doing it - which may be more useful- then google something very competitive like some kind of insurance, pick a top player that looks like a "SEO-made" site (ie probably not Geico for example) that is using quick methods for backlinking, then analyze their backlink profile and try to mimick it.

    Now once youve analyzed and made a backlinking plan to mimick their backlink profile, this will be your first tier of backlinks (you didn't think it'd be that easy did you? ;D) - the ones linked directly to your site, they'll be less spammy and take more time to create than latter tiers and they'll serve to protect your site but ill get to that....now go back into open site explorer or one of the others and enter some of the URL's of the pages containing your competitors backlinks....we're now diving even further into analyzing your competitor (or chosen models) back link profile by checking the backlinks that go to their backlinks...these are your tier 2 level backlinks and work to make your tier 1's more valuable - go through the same general process of analyzing then rinse and repeat - although it seems most SEOs only go as deep as about three tiers...you might notice that the quality of links get lower as you get to lower tiers, essentially these lower tiers might have thousands or 10s of thousands of backlinks and only serve to prop up the more directly-linked-to-your-money-site's backlinks........look online for "backlink map" or "backlink plan" images and you'll see what I'm talking about (AVOID: link wheel diagrams, these are totally 2011 and said not to work anymore, this just means dont link your tier 1 backlink-containg-pages to each othe to make like a spider-web looking thing, think independant spokes branching out into their own individual trees/networks, this is more natural to google) -

    Value of backlinks seem to go something like:

    Most Valuable to Least Valuable:
    *wiki posts/member profile on High PR domains with contextual (like within a pragraph) backlinks
    *Article Directories wth contextual links if possible
    *Other web 2.0's, Blogs you create (maybe adding an image and imbeded youtube video)
    *socail bookmarking sites (dont count for much, lower tiers or just spinkled throughout)

    ***BUT remeber that link diversity is a factor, also learn what nofollow and follow links are and then include mostly follow but do some nofollows also so things look natural to google, pay attention to this in your analysis

    As an example I recently analyzed a top ranked site for XXX loans and found they had somewhere around 400-500 backlinks to their domain (tier 1) (this varies widely depending on the tool your using, they might actually have more like 3,000 but this is more about mimicking their strategy then outright copying it), thats alot of backlinks but I am assuming your Niche is not as competitve as this one, you can spend a day creating 100 of these manually and still compete in a lot of niches...then looking at the first tier pages I found each one had about 6 (again figures vary) backlinks built linking to it (tier 2)...and if I had kept on going I might have found a tier 3 and 4........needless to say I just collected all those URLs which I can then later manually post to or setup an autsubmitting software to do so ...


    You can build your tier one and maybe even tier 2 manually...that might be enough, if not then pay someone here or on fiver to blast (look for xrumer or senuke services for example) your tier 2 or tier 3 (or even tier 1 if it s a high quality service) backlink containing pages with their own backlinks (these might be more spammy looking but they serve their purpose and shouldnt hurt your money site) thereby creating another tier....for one site you can probably do this for like 10 or 20 dollars once, is that enough? depends on your niche/competition.

    If you're doing things manually you might want to look into a backlink ping/monitorng service - though I haven't used it linklicious looks interesting and cheap at $14/mo....a pinging service will try to ensure that your backlinks are indexed by google so they actually count (you dont want to spend days building a whole backlinking map then not have it indexed by google), the service above even gives you crawling reports that tell you when the googlebot crawled your link (this is what their site says)...you can also ping things for free but entering each url over and over into a ping-my-link-for-free-online site can get monotonous and plus theres things like IP diversity which we could argue about here all day long...

    Remember to avoid getting a google rank penalty becuase of a spammy backlink profile, treat your tier one links with care, make them good (ie at the very least some decent content, originial spun stuff or even higher quality REAL HUMAN articles =P ) so that they not only work but will not be filtered out by future google updates.....the further you get away from your money site the spammier things can be (fiver gigs), the closer you are to your money site the higher quality things should be - leading up to your carefully on-page SEOd money site which has been meticulously put together to make your user do what you want, so we can all eat and hopefuly buy nice cars.

    Anyway, that's some of what I have learned reading tons for weeks and weeks.....

    lastly: use the "advanced search" tool on BHW to *search titles* for more posts like this...there are some where people map out their exact (more or less) backlinking strategy.

    Any and all feedback from the more experienced members is 100% welcome and encourged!
    Especially if someone could complete a more detailed list of "Types Of Backlinks Ranked By Value" that'd be great.

    1 Could someone complete a more detailed list of "Types Of Backlinks Ranked By Value" based on your experience.
    2 Also, I am looking for some *errr* special resource files for latest version of SENukeX possible (or any verison) you can PM me or email my BHW username {at} gmail .......word! thanks! peace!
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    Thanks for sharing this , good info!