Easter Help Out, Please Help me build my website into Mobile Press with same themes.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by legendking, Apr 7, 2012.

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    I'm wishing each and everyone a happy Easter Celebration in Advance.
    My problem is really disturbing me, i have a blog, it is about education and 80% of my users are on mobile.
    Noting this, one of my competitors built his website into a mobile version, his mobile website has the same theme as it is on Pc with adsense enabled on the his mobile version.
    My humble question and all i need is how do i build my wordpress site into mobile with adsense enabled?.
    I would love to have the theme on my mobile version that i already have on my web version.
    Please i need the help of BHW members who can help me do this or give an easy step by step guide to building my mobile website to look exactly like that of the web version.
    Thanks alot as i kindly wait your Most Respected Views.
    In-between, the url of my competitor is
    myschoolcomm dot com.

    any idea where to get the same theme or template?
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    I just visit the blog, it's really beautiful, both on pc and mobile, and it's the same template too.I don't think it's a free theme that guy is using. And i think he specified that particular kind of theme to be created for him, maybe, someone here can help, just maybe they haven't come by.I can name a few myself who can do it.Goodluck dude.