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    Hello everyone I am opening this thread to let you know that i have finished working in setting un a wp.com type of service where users can register for free and create a blog or website.

    Everything is managed from hosting to performance and security. It haves almost 300 premium templates and almost 100 premium plugins ready to activate and use. It's not the most advanced solution on the market but it does the job when we talk about basic to medium blogs or websites.

    At the moment we limit very few things such as available space ( 1GB for free accounts) and the ability to connect a personal domain ( .com/.net/.org/.etc)

    We provide support for both free and paid accounts via a ticket system, every user can open a ticket directly from inside their dashboard. Paid account accounts can also take advantage of priority support via email.

    It would be awesome if you could let me know what you think about this small service that i am trying to open. You can do this here on this thread or via the feedback button that you can find on the right of the website.

    I hope this is not going to get spammed to death by you guys only for link building purposes. We will do our best to remove all such blogs or websites.

    Send me a pm if you want to give it a try. It's free but i dont want to post the url here.http://wpmanaged.org
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