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    ok i have been building up twitter accounts with tweet attacks and have been manually putting all of them linked to my blog with twitterfeed, this takes a good bit of time to do the linking with twitterfeed,

    now i put all my 150 accounts into twitterfeed which took like forever, but i did see like a 50% traffic jump after i did that, and my revenues proved i was moving in the right direction but just this morning all my hard work had its legs cut off when twitter banned 60 of my accounts.


    its not that big of a deal but just a bunch of wasted time.

    what is the fastest or easiest way to link twitter accounts to rss feeds or whatever so they will tweet each of my blog posts and in turn drive traffic to my site, which then in turn gets me ppm money.

    anyone have a similar problem?
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    Do not waste your time with Twitterfeed trying to post to all accounts. I've had plenty of experience getting accounts suspended doing this. I hooked up 100 accounts to twitterfeed. Used 8 different URL shorteners. Used 10 different prefixes and suffixes. Had some checking my feed every half hour, some every hour, every 3 hours, etc. So that all accounts wouldn't be posting at the same time. Did not matter what I did. All it took was 1 post and the next day most accounts were suspended.

    Here is what I did and it has been working for 2 Months straight. I use Tweet Attacks with this method.

    Every single blog post, I manually create a tweet for it and shorten the link with bit.ly. I create a text file with all of my tweets. Approx 80 tweets. In tweet attacks, I shuffle all of the tweets and set the schedule so that approx 4 blog post tweets gets posted per day. I do this for each account. Shuffle. Click on the schedule button. Save. I end up with 100 text files. 1 for each account. Tweet attacks then takes care of posting the tweets each day.

    This method requires a little bit of work. But it does have its advantages. With Twitterfeed, when you make a blog post, it gets promoted once. That is it. With the method I described above, you can promote each blog post over and over. With my 80 tweets, each blog post gets promoted once per account every month to month and a half.

    I've been doing this for 2 Months now with no suspensions. Each account posts the exact same 80 tweets. But the tweets are not in the same order for each account (they are shuffled). They are spread out over a Month and a half instead of the same day.

    Hope this helps! :)
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