** Easier way to locate what has been shared

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    I have been warned several times about sharing stuff that has already been shared. Both times I searched for the name but came up with nothing that was obvious. Part of the issue is you put in the name but 500 posts come up because they contain parts of the name. Even using the filename does not work most of the time.

    Perhaps if you are doing a share, have a share button that you hit, it has a field for the filename (.zip,.rar,.pdf) etc, and the text of the product name. You have to use this button for the url link of the share, not other methods.

    Take this add it to a text list and post the last 2 months or so of shares on a page. Should be relatively straightforward. Just text, no link to posts, nothing but a simple list of shares. Just like the do not share list, so its much easier for people to see what has been done and what has not. Additionally, I think this would help out the mods also.