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    Intro: Hello Blackhatworld. I'm EarthboundImmortal. This journey will be chronicling my adventures with internet marketing, methods, entrepreneurship, etc. I have been experimenting with methods for a couple years. I took online earning as a side hustle. I have made money here and there and have had small success. Even have a old journey thread which I abandon lol. The main factor preventing me from earning is my personal life, job, procrastination, and laziness. But now I will be taking it head on. I will be updating this thread every couple days with progress. Below is info on what I'm currently pursuing, my goals, and tools I will use. Some methods are very complex, well others are simple. I enjoy the differences between them and value they can create. Doing harder methods will help me learn new things.

    General Tools:
    *Google Keep - (To keep track of ventures/methods/note take). I use the simple interface to keep myself focused and encouraged. With Google Keep I use the colors (as a key) and also drop a image related to the method. This helps drive my thinking cap/create a visual representation.

    *Timer Chrome App - This keeps me focused, and helps combat procrastination.
    *Routine - I have 2 hours to put toward making money every day marked down (though will be more). This helps guarantee I put in work everyday.
    Blackhatworld/methods reference notepad - This is a tool incase things go wrong, I need to brainstorm, need to find old idea, wanna try something new, need to remember a new method I read. I have 300 plus links and ideas.
    *Music ;)
    *This thread

    Internet Marketing Tools/Other:
    *Semi Dedicated Hosting
    *(Bots and Scripts) - Sub tools (currently using): Twitter Bot
    *Giveaway Software
    *Accounts on various CPA Networks
    *Accounts on various shopping affiliate networks
    *Viral Script
    *Movie Editing Program
    *Camera for video and pictures

    Rough Monthly Expenses/Bookkeeping:
    *VPS - $18
    *Proxies - $15
    *Bots/Scripts - $50
    *Hosting - $14
    *Product Review - $70
    *Rough Total: $167
    *(Started) Twitter Method (blackhat marketing)- Currently in the investment stage. Bought a twitter bot. Bought VPS for bot. Bought 5 proxies for testing. Will be buying more after testing stage is complete. I will be doing a twist of the instagram method and twitter methods I have learned. This will mostly be automated by the twitter bot, but that can change after I test. Niches will vary. Hope to scale up to way more than five. This will be a harder way to earn. Goal is to have automatic accounts running.

    *(Not started) DMCA Method (whitehat marketing) - This will be my twist of Furious George's method. I will be creating a website for this service. I will be creating a system to combat infringement. Will be contacting prospects via coldmail. Want to expand beyond just contacting product creators. The method can be used in many areas that involve copyright/DMCA. This method is a little harder. Goal is to have system in place so finding and removing infringement content does not take forever. This will take a lot of testing and contacting.

    *(Started) Youtube Product Review Channel (whitehat to Grayhat) - I have spent $70 on various products to review (all related to my interests/hobbies). I have set up a little backdrop and developed solid way doing reviews. I also take pictures of products. I have reviewed most of my first batch of products and have pictures of them.When I post a new product review, I will also post the review to my website and social media channels. Must now complete the following. After I do the following steps, I have a good feeling money will slowly start rolling in; Create youtube Channel, website, buy domain, social media presence, create logo, intro/outro, buy youtube views/comments. To really drive traffic down the road I will be doing a (real) giveaway. This will use the giveaway software and help it become viral. I will build relationships with sellers I buy products from to possibly get featured, etc. To create profit I will be driving customers to affiliate page, CPA offer and app installs. This method is gonna be an intermediate skill level. Goal is to only have to shoot a couple times a week and update social media.

    *(Not started) Youtube Reupload Affiliate Method (whitehat to grayhat) - For this I will simply be reuploading videos from a store that has performing art products. I know this niche very well. The store has given me permission to use their videos. I will be using whitehat SEO to rank in the youtube description. Of course views, likes, comments will be added to help get things rolling. For some of these products I can easily rank. will target already popular products and new ones getting released soon. Niche has very low competition. To have an automatic content creator. Viewers will be allowed to submit videos to be featured on channel. This will be beneficial to them and help them get views as well as me. Channel has product videos (already created) and self submitted videos. To earn money affiliate link will be put in description. Other link will be CPA offer with guide related to niche. This method will be staying simple and easy, but may add website later. Goal is to upload many videos and have good SEO. Must also make sure videos are not duplicated content (will add intro/make unique).

    *(Not started) Youtube Reupload Gaming Channels (Multiple) (blackhat) - Will be uploading gaming videos. Some will be scraped. Some I will get permission from youtubers. Some will be screen captured. Gaming affiliate link will be in description, along with CPA offer. This will be an easy method, but could get risky. As above duplicated content may fuck things up, so will have to edit vids a little.

    *(Not started) Viral Script (blackhat): Will be using viral script and hopefully create viral effect. Will research and test multiple niches. Script will not use a token system. After visitor gets a certain number of people to visit link, content will be unlocked. Of course after they unlock, a CPA offer will be in way lol.

    Bots and virtual assistants may be used after systems are put in place and each venture is stable. Some methods may fail. The main goal is to get them to a stable point. I'm looking to create valuable content, learn new skills and make some $$$. Residual income is another goal. Right now I'm not looking at big bucks. But wanna put in some grunt work/testing so that can happen. Thank you :). **Note: Posted methods are similar to what I'm working on. They might not include all details, be exact, reveal niches, etc.
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