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Earthbound to The Sky

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by EarthboundImmortal, Sep 2, 2016.

  1. EarthboundImmortal

    EarthboundImmortal Newbie

    Sep 20, 2015
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    Entrepreneur/Black Hat Marketer

    Hello I will be doing a journey thread about my internet marketing adventures. Card will be updated every once and a while, along with level ;). This thread will also be updated with new information. Gonna start simple than push a little harder.
    Google Keep (To keep track of ventures/methods). I use the simple interface to keep myself focused and encouraged. With Google Keep I use the colors (as a key) and also drop a image related to the idea/method to drive my thinking cap/create a visual representation.
    Mac 2011
    Home Recording Studio (for voice over, video editing, music etc. Mic, keyboard, music software)
    Google Adwords

    Things I have bought:
    Viral Script (Will be using soon, but not right now) - $20.00
    Redirect Domain for "Youtube CPA" Namecheap .online - $1.00

    ***Youtube CPA*** (10 ways to): *Plan is to create 11 videos focused on a niche. The first video being a summary, along with the rest being more focused. In the first video an outline of the concepts is spoken about. The rest of the videos explain them starting with number 1 and ending with number 10. A youtube playlist will be create so viewer is more encouraged to stay watching. After offering a useful tip or advice, I speak about the CPA offer and thank them for watching. People trust a voice over versus just a quick sales video. Video will be simple H.Q slide show with simple background music. I'm going to send some views to them, along with thumbs up, all that. I'm not the best at keyword research, but will be using keywords to to help rank my video or find decent long tail keywords. The main video will be blasted with a lot of views. The following videos will have viewer views. Will be using a old youtube account to be on the save side. Gonna try the old unlisted method also. CPA offer will be in description, along with related ones. I'm hoping if I keep telling them to watch all the videos, they will eventually click. Will of course be brain storming other forms of traffic, this is just a good start.
    ✓ Script created for voice overs
    ✓ Made theme music
    ✓ Recorded audio for videos
    ✓ Mastered audio in Reaper
    ✓ Got Domain (- $1.00)
    - Make visuals for video
    - Upload videos
    - Buy views, likes, subs, etc and boost videos.
    - Find keywords/ Make description

    ***Sell my service to spammers*** I got a .us domain and realized it had no whois. So now I get spammed with a couple seo/internet marketing related offers everyday. I will be contacting them back offering a voice over service or something similar. I will attempt to get them to list it on their website. They will than sell my service and get a cut. Still playing with it and figuring out what I should say, may not work.

    ***Send youtube users to affiliate store*** For this I will be uploading multiple videos of products on a old account. The videos will have my affiliate link leading to a online store. I will be finding keywords to target. 10 to 50 videos will be uploaded a day. For this leaning towards quantity over quality. Might
    outsource or automate , but for right now I will be handling things and see how things go. This concept is based on old method I read.

    More will be added. But these are the focus for right now. thanks.