Earning potential with Text-Link-Ads (or others)

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    wasnt too sure where to post this question but figured the most knowledgeable people would be in the section.

    Say you buy an Expired PR5 domain through namejet or similar service, manage to rebuild the site and get something like this :

    - Homepage : PR5
    - 10 sub-pages with content : PR3

    everything being average here (kinda low traffic, decent page authority and domain authority, couple years of age) how much cash could you expect to make per month selling 3-4 links per page on text-link-ads.com? total link selling newbie here

    Yes I know this is very general but I need some pointers here as to how much a site like this could potentially earn. If it costs 200$ to acquire and earns 150$ a year then its not worth it IMO
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    OK, nobody else has replied - guess Google has scared off everybody with threats of banning their sites, if they sell links

    It's 5 or 6 years since I had text-link-ads on a site - at that time it paid well

    I'd guess that you should get over $250 a month - but it depends on 3 things:

    1/ Your pagerank stays high - I'd expect the pagerank of expired domains to be re-set to 0 by google - and text-link-ads wouldn't want your site in their inventory then

    2/ The site has low alexa rating - and keeps it after you buy it - i.e. the backlinks don't fall off - otherwise text-link-ads wouldn't want your site in their inventory then

    3/ The niche is high paying and popular - so that text-link-ads can find buyers for at least half your ad slots, most of the time - and be able to pay you $10 to $20 per link, per month

    I've been looking to get back into this - but expired domains don't look like the way to go

    I'd be happy to JV with anybody on a revenue sharing basis, if they can show that expired domains are feasible with text-link-ads

    Text-link-ads.com was the only broker I found profitable - and I particularly liked their app that gave an estimate of your likely earnings of any page of your site (you supplied the page URL where you wanted to place links and the app used PR, Alexa, and niche, to estimate the earnings of various ad positions of the page) - the app is long gone, and they don't seem to give any clue about potential earnings now

    Update: Done some research and hpbacklinks.com would probably pay $95 per month if they managed to sell half your ad spots - but they can't - you'll be lucky to sell 2 or 3 links per month
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    Does anybody else have some more info on this subject. I am considering applying to be a Text Link Ads publisher, and I would really love to know some more experiences beforehand.

    • How much can you expect to make per link published on your site?
    • What are the factors to consider to put a price to your links? PR? Alexa? Niche?
    • Is it hard to get approved? Any tips? Is it better to set up a wordpress site, or static HTML would do fine?

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    text link advertising programs include Google AdSense and Kontera, offers contextual text link advertising opportunities where text on your blog is linked to contextually relevant ad content.
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    I heard TLA got hit pretty hard by Penguin 2.0.

    Have you considered promoting on forums? Even if you sold 10 homepage links for $5/month that would be $600/year.