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    I Just was searching on how to make money through an i phone and i found this wonderful website which had a collection of apps for this , i thought i'll share it here !

    I found this on http://yappler.com/article/1441/17-apps-that-can-earn-you-money-for-iphone-ipad
    really cool website , enjoy [​IMG]
    SOURCE:- http://yappler.com/article/1441/17-apps-that-can-earn-you-money-for-iphone-ipad

    17 Apps That Can Earn You Money for iPhone & iPad

    June 23, 2012

    [​IMG]Because everybody can use some extra cash, we?ve compiled a list of apps that can actually help you earn money. From answering short surveys to checking in at the gym to watching TV, these apps will give you rewards or cash for doing things you already do. Check out our list and let us know which apps you?ll try in our comments section!
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    NPolls - for iPhone & iPad

    • Earn money every time you complete a survey
    • Share your opinion and view results of respondents
    • First reward is $10 for the first 50 surveys
    • Get paid through PayPal
    View on iTunes

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    Field Agent - for iPhone

    • Pays you to report specific information from places you go every day and return it via the app
    • Jobs typically pay between $3 and $12 each
    • Agents get notified of a new job in the area, first to accept has 2 hours to complete it
    • Get paid through PayPal
    View on iTunes

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    Gigwalk - for iPhone

    • Get paid to do tasks like take photos of store displays, test mobile apps, mystery shopping, review delivery services
    • Get notified of new jobs in the area
    • Pay ranges from $6 to $220 through Paypal
    View on iTunes

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    CheckPoints - for iPhone

    • App pays in rewards
    • Check in and earn points for scanning barcodes at grocery stores
    • Redeem points for iTunes and Amazon gift cards, Alaska airline miles, and more
    • Get deals from thousands of retailers too
    View on iTunes

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    GymPact - for iPhone

    • Helps you commit to exercise by using cash incentives
    • Commit to how many days you?ll exercise then check in at any gym
    • Earn cash rewards for meeting your pact, paid by those who didn?t workout
    • Typical rewards range from $0.50 to $0.75 per workout
    View on iTunes

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    WeReward - for iPhone

    • Pays when you check-in to locations or perform tasks
    • Most rewards involve you taking a picture of yourself at a location or with a product
    • Each point is worth 1 penny
    • Turn points into cash via PayPal after accumulating $10
    • Also, get rewards that can be claimed at the location itself.
    View on iTunes

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    Jingit - for iPhone & iPad

    • Earn instant cash for going to locations and scanning select products
    • Also earn cash for taking surveys or watching videos
    • Obtain your cash through the Jingit Visa debit card
    • Start with a $5 weekly earn limit, get limit increases up to $10 when you share Jingit on Facebook
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    shopkick - for iPhone

    • Earn rewards through store check-ins, scanning products and purchases
    • Redeem points for gift cards, music downloads, movie tickets Facebook credits and more
    • Get discount offers for stores too
    View on iTunes

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    FanCake - for iPhone & iPad

    • A live social game that rewards fans for watching sports on TV
    • Check in to a game on Facebook, play along with the action and win stuff
    • Rewards include game tickets, gift cards, sports gear and more
    View on iTunes

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    Viggle - for iPhone

    • Watch TV and get rewards by checking in to your favorite shows
    • Watch live TV with real-time interactive questions, polls and voting related to what?s happening on-screen
    • Earn rewards for Best Buy, Burger King, Fandango and more
    • Play games, watch videos and take quizzes to get more points
    View on iTunes

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    Surveys On The Go - for iPhone & iPad

    • App pays cash for your opinions
    • Surveys pay from $0.25 to $5, typically $1
    • Your information is kept safe and protected
    • Obtain your cash via PayPal
    View on iTunes

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    Nexercise - for iPhone

    • Get motivated to workout by earning rewards
    • Earn points by logging in at least 15 minutes work of exercise
    • Check in to gyms or workout outside with the phone on your body to detect motion
    • The more points accumulated, the better the rewards are
    View on iTunes

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    Location Panel - for iPhone

    • Get cash or rewards for helping stores and restaurants decide where to open new locations
    • Participate in location-based research in your area
    • Earn rewards by allowing the app to track you while you?re shopping
    • Answer questions such as why you skipped one store over another
    • Get location-based offers and coupons
    View on iTunes

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    TaskRabbit - for iPhone

    • Get paid to do odd jobs or errands for people
    • Application process to be a TaskRabbit requires a federal background check and a video interview
    • After you?ve earned over $25 you can cash out via PayPal or mailed check
    View on iTunes

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    Receipt Hog - for iPhone

    • Get paid for taking pictures of your grocery receipts
    • Earn points with every receipt
    • Redeem for cash, donations and more
    • Your receipt data will be made anonymous and summarized in market research reports
    View on iTunes

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    Zaarly - for iPhone

    • Connects individual buyers and sellers for proposed tasks
    • Users must verify personal information and connect to Facebook
    • Clients provide their locations and how much they?re willing to pay
    • You can initiate a 2-way conversation to agree on a price and type of transaction
    • Get paid via PayPal or ACH transfer after the transaction fee for Zaarly
    View on iTunes

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    App Trailers - for iPhone

    • Preview app trailers and earn rewards
    • Watch high quality streaming videos of apps
    • If you like the app, download it through App Trailers