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Oct 1, 2017
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If your mind on the journey of Online Income ever came up with the idea of Getting Rich Quick then I am sure you had thought of a Paypal Money Generator, more popularly know as Paypal Monkey Generator here. So when I searched a little bit on Google, I found that there were all kinds of generators, Paypal, Amazon, COC, etc. When you try to use any of them, what happens is that a Pop-Up comes saying "Human Verification Required" which is another way of saying "This is a content locker and we are making you a fool" and of course if you made your way through the content locker you will get NOTHING! Also, there are hacks of all kinds, games, money, views, etc.

So when I discovered Ogads, I thought of combining the two of them (Fake generator and Ogads)
but I don't know how to mimic that fake looking hack. Will Ogads take my account?
And please tell your views regarding this.
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Super Panda