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    Become an Affiliate

    You can add extra income to your revenue simply by promoting Giftsnideas and Pickupflowers on your website.
    It doesn't cost anything to become an Affiliate, and you can reap the benefits of our ongoing success in providing gifts and flowers to the customers across the World.
    Benefits of becoming an Affiliate
    ? Easy sign up to Shareasale network.
    ? You can add extra income to your pocket by earning easy commission.
    ? You get wide Choice of Gifts and Flowers to promote.
    How does it work?
    By linking your website to Giftsnideas and Pickupflowers you earn commission whenever your users buy from us via your website.
    We're able to track all transactions generated from your site, and we pay you a commission for every purchase.
    What will you earn?
    We offer a fantastic commission rate of 12%. For example, if a customer buys a $100 Gift from us who actually came to our website by clicking a banner or text link from your website then you'll earn $12.
    Why should you join?
    We are one of the best Gifting Company in the world our conversation rates high and we have served many customers around the world and gained there trust by making on time delivery?s.
    We offer wide variety Gifts and flowers which keeps changing depending upon the occasions we promote many categories on our website like Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him and many more and products like Gifts baskets, Cakes, Wines, Chocolates, Teddies, Roses, Mixed Roses bouquets, and many more Gifts and Flowers depending upon the occasion.
    How do you start?
    Join our Affiliate Program today, and start earning for each and every order made via your site. All you have to do is complete the short application form on Shareasale

    Shareasale ( If you are not on Shareasale do signup and if you are on Shareasale then search for merchants Id?s 19225 (Pickupflowers) Id 18926 (Giftsnideas)

    Thank you
    Affiliate Marketing Team
    affiliates (at) giftinginc dot com
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    is this work? can i start this i have a website of pr3
    is it work?