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    Keyword Squire is the most revolutionary keyword research tool ever created. I am currently looking for affiliates to promote this product I created. We currently are using jvzoo dot com to handle the affiliates and commissions. This tool was launched on warrior forum a few months ago and sold a 1000 copies. The cost of the product is only $49 dollars for a single license, no monthly fees and as an affiliate you get 50% commission.

    Here is just a small breakdown of its features:
    1) Real-time keyword suggestions and related keywords from: google, bing, yahoo, amazon, ask, youtube
    2) Multiple levels deep searching meaning you can find tons of long-tail-keywords in seconds.
    3) Filter keywords by tons of variables
    4) Adwords real-time search data for these keywords, no bs data
    5) Available domains checker for each keyword
    6) Google.com Top ten site competition checker, includes: backlinks, pr, edu,gov, keyword in title and so much more.
    7) Mass PR checker.
    8) Export everything into excel sheets

    The list goes on and on.....

    Just check out www.keywordsquire.com for more information and videos on the product. To signup as an affiliate, just visit www.jvzoo.com and create an affiliate account, then search for keywordsquire and you're on your way.

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