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Earn 200% Commissions

Discussion in 'Other Affiliate Programs' started by SoAmbitious, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. SoAmbitious

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    Internet Marketer & Entrepreneur
    Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is a fast growing Company with over 7 million members and counting. Since our inception in 1926, we have been providing our member with the finest products and services available in the motor club industry, specifically to truckers only. However as of October of 2011 with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., our Protection Plan has been redesigned and custom tailored to also work with regular consumers and their automobile insurance, filling in the voids to provide all members with complete motoring protection. Note: Motor Club of America is not insurance, it works in ?addition to? not in lieu of your current automobile Insurance.

    We are looking to hire individuals/partnerships/corporations who possess great desire to generate unlimited income and residuals, while simply sharing information and helping customers become protected. You can see many of our success stories all over the net including YouTube. This position offers a guaranteed high payout to compensate for your successful sign ups; you will be paid weekly via direct deposit or check by mail UPS and/or regular mail. You can easily earn $80-$1,000?s or more per week with effort, just working part time or full time if you choose to. The possibilities with this business full time are endless; you control how much you earn.

    As an MCA Associate you receive:

    Free Training (No Experience necessary, work at your own pace)
    Free Company Website
    A toll free 800 #, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to offer assistance to Members and Associates.
    Support Group Page Available 24 hrs as well as weekly Conference Calls and Webinars.
    Flexible Hours, Work at your pace, when you want. Your effort dictates your income.
    You are paid every Friday via UPS or Direct Deposit
    Commission Advance
    Retirement Income
    Management/Leadership Opportunity
    MCA/TVC offers a support number - 866-467-222, training materials, and a host of other cool materials to help you make great money.

    ***Also in addition to being a MCA Associate, keep in mind you are also a protected MCA Member 24 HOURS A DAY WHETHER YOU ARE OUT OF TOWN, ANOTHER STATE, AT HOME, WORK, or PLAY after you pay your $40 initial fee. This covers 2 months of full Motor Club Of America Coverage.

    ***If you decide to become an associate and not get the membership, you will only receive a 50% commission as opposed to 200% commissions you will receive if you are an active member of MCA.

    Member Benefits are:

    -Emergency Road Service "ERS" - Gas, Tires, Battery, and Towing up to 100 miles!!!
    (Includes your Boat, RV, Motorcycle, Dually Truck, and Livestock Trailer at no additional cost)
    -24 Hour Dispatch "ERS"
    -Emergency Room Expense (Covers: Casts, Splints, Lab, X-Ray, Nursing, Transfusions, IV?s, Anesthetics, Doctor Care, ad Facility.
    -Daily Hospital Benefit of up to $54,750
    (Paid daily directly to you not for hospital bills, your auto insurance policy may cover those expenses)
    -Accidental Death Coverage
    -Accidental Death Benefit
    -Traffic Court Defense
    -Stolen Automobile Reward
    And Much More!

    Associate Compensation:

    $80.00 or more for every single membership submitted, as well as unlimited monthly residual income from your members. Paid weekly via mailed paper check or direct deposit to your bank account or deposit of choice.
    Your first pay check can be as early as the following Friday if you get started before our Company weekly deadline of Saturday at 12am Central Time.

    I guarantee this to be the best decision you'll ever make for your financial future. Look forward to Sponsoring you and working with you; I?m here to assist you with any questions and concerns. Feel free to PM me if you have further questions.

    ?Serious inquiries only, spamming or scams will not be tolerated.