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    Don't even know where to start except to anyone reading this, please AVOID this network.

    First off, they said my check was in the mail October 2nd for commissions earned in September due to the payment being over $1,000. The check never showed.

    Abel BLOCKED me on AIM after I repeatedly ask why the check has not shown. I called him out on this after signing on a different screenname - said it was an "accident".

    Told me to contact payments department - who after ignoring 4 of my emails, finally replied saying I will be paid a month later (even though they never sent the check). I was somewhat patient and waited even though it was now an entire month late.

    They said I would receive a wire on November 15th for commissions earned (IN SEPTEMBER!). November 15th comes around, of course nothing comes in.

    After many ignored messages and e-mails (and don't bother with the phone number - it just goes to a voicemail), apparently my check "was never sent", and now the "advertiser is not paying out". So let me get this straight - because you decided to pay me 2 months late, now you won't pay?

    I sent to 5 different offers. The reason the advertiser was supposedly not paying is due to "bad traffic quality". This was on ONE of the offers. The advertiser also "owned another offer" (completely unrelated offer by the way) which they "decided" not to pay.

    I asked to get a copy of the e-mail from them stating this, which they said would be sent. Still have not gotten this sent to me, and I doubt it exists. I was supposed to be paid out for the other 3 offers 3 or 4 days ago. I have sent emails and messages again, which are being ignored.

    I have completely given up on receiving a single dollar from this network. A complete scam - I'm glad I didn't send more traffic.

    (Side note - their tracking went down one day, and $77 of sales "disappeared" - I had to mention it to get credit. It was put on a "note" on my account - and never credited)
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    Same thing happened to me. These guys SUCK. Stay FAR FAR Away.
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    I always knew this network was shady, I'm totally sick of CPA networks who scam affiliates, and new ones pop up every single day.

    This needs to stop, this thread is showing up as 1st on Google for me for "ead network", you might also want to change the title to "eAd Network SCAM". It'll be better for their business ;)