e3ay Called Me, Asked Me Questions! Should I Care?


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Mar 4, 2009
I made a seller account within the past 3 weeks.

I Phone Verified all my ebay/paypal etc.

I listed an expensive piece of software I recently got a good deal on.

I got a call from them asking to verify:
1. My name(They said "Is this XXXX"
2. That I recently listed something for sale.
3. Please verify the type of item it is.
4. Please verify the type of software it is.
5. Please verify the name of the software.

Has anyone else gotten a call from eBay before?
The number was 801-545-1800 . I googled it and came up with 50% people saying it's a scam, and 50% saying it's really e3bay.

Any ideas?
Sometimes when you're new to eBay and list high priced items, eBay really does phone up to verify things. I've got a call from them because I was selling low priced items all the time, and then listed my iPhone that I no longer needed. PayPal immediately limited my account, and eBay called to ask if it was me who listed the item, because they have experience of accounts being hacked and used to sell items that turn out to be scam.
If something to do with software , it is real. I have an email from Ebay and forwarded to An national software officials ... they call me and asking me about the software and even ask me to send the software ... since they verified that the software is fake... a bit nasty but i still make money from selling some S""""".
How come it can be a scam if they are not selling anything and just verifying your listing? I am sure you got a legit call. If your account is fresh and listing an expensive item right off the bat, they call you and verify to make sure you are legit due to high volume of fraud.
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