(e-commerce) What's the average number of cart items per customer?


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Jan 15, 2013
Been developing a WooCommerce plugin for a while and I'd like to know how many items per cart/order an average e-commerce store gets?
Is there a website that has this data? I'm assuming it varies by industry.

Why do I want to know? Basically I want to make sure the plugin I'm developing doesn't use too much memory (it has a very advanced filtering algorithm that relies on the subset sum problem which can generate hundreds or thousands of variations depending on the number of cart items (it grows exponentially)).
imo it varies a lot by industry, but one will win most likely
I'm thinking most stores have 1-5 items per order on average, but there might be some type of e-commerce stores that may have a much higher item count like online grocery stores, which worries me a bit since my plugin uses subset sums to compute the result of some filters. The subset sum problem is NP-Complete and might potentially create thousands or even millions of possible combinations which obviously impacts performance.

So I'm trying to optimize the algorithm as much as possible to improve scalability.
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