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    Hello BHW.

    I am looking to launch an e-commerce site by the end of December (lol good luck to me). E-commerce sites are quite a new venture for me. I have begun thinking of good ways to help get it started. I don't have much to offer. Here are just a few strategies for now:

    • SEO traffic is important, of course. E-commerce sites, especially those with lots of products, tend to suffer with SEO as a lot of duplicate content abounds. Perhaps in the case of duplicate content that can't be helped, use pictures of text instead of actual text - if you have the luxury of doing this. Alternatively, if you have multiple products that are barely different (blue widget, red widget etc), maybe even consider making some product pages no-index?
    • Google CPC is not for the faint hearted/low pocket books. I am going to be using it either for low-cost kw's, or sticking directly to "ready-to-buy" kw's. It can get expensive very fast. Play around with countries, see which ones convert, be sure to set up conversion tracking.
    • Affiliate marketing is an investment option that many could consider. I know I am. After the initial investment of the affiliate system, you can then get related sites to post ads to your page. Try to contact the webmasters directly if you can. You might need to guess their emails :)
    • I am going to take advantage of Yahoo Answers. My current strategy, is to post a post asking (in much better terms) "I have seen these three sites for widget x. They are site 1, site 2 and site 3. Which do you suggest?" I will then use a level 2 account which I will purchase (or create, its super easy) to answer. In it, I'll say all 3 are good, and give an overview of each, but of course recommend the one that is MY site. Mentioning some negative aspect of it that is minor will help make it look legit. Be sure to pick your answer. Yahoo answers rank great in SERPs (I have no idea why).

    Anyway there are my incredibly basic thoughts. Any others?