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    Sep 29, 2015
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    Hi everyone. I'm new on these boards but no to IM in general. One of my projects is a "local" online store. Its starting to pick up orders which is good. The problem is currently I keep stock and everything. However to make it more profitable and less cash intensive I'm looking into selling other peoples stuff. My question is how to do this best. I would like to keep the branding, meaning the goods arrive in my box with logo and everything but it seems pointless to have the partner send the stuff to you and you ship it to your customer. Did anyone have the same problem or knows of an elegant solution to this problem?

    In essence I'm trying to move away from the retail business and be a service provider and only charge a commission. I'd provide the platform and marketing while others handle the retail. I've really got that part covered with a great platform and marketing tools so it seems logical to remove the retail, however I think it's imperative for me to keep the branding. Its a small local market and a strong brand is important. Anyway any suggestions will be very welcome.