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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by dilonious, Mar 8, 2017.

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    I have an e-commerce client.

    Hundreds of thousands of unique product urls.

    Each URL is just domain.com/12345678

    The title for each page is: "*Brand Name* - *Main Keyword* - Product Name

    They need to pull the main site keyword from being on every single page correct?

    I feel like the site has almost no content, the keyword density site wide is like 8% or something.
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    Yes, I would say pull the brand keyword or at least put it at the end of the page title instead of at the start.

    I guess you may have done it already but i would catalogue all current rankings first as well. If there are pages that are ranking well then you might want to leave them alone if possible.

    Also in my experience ecom is a bit different than normal SEO. I think google appreciates that an ecom product page isnt going to have any longform content on it and equally density is going to be different.

    This is what works well for me - i have the normal stuff - product name, pricing details and so on, then I have 100 - 200 words decent length description and unlike every other competitor that is using the same product description text i make it unique - have it rewritten or whatever. At least then you have a bit with a bit of unique content for each product and its reasonably well optimized in terms of keyword density, longtails and so on.

    Then start building links primarily to homepage to begin with, make sure your site structure is good and the juice from those links will spread throughout the product pages.
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    Are you asking if you need your site's exact match "main keyword" to be on EVERY page title? No.

    A piece of advice... you want your page titles to be as unique from EACH OTHER as possible. If they are all 50% the same like: "Best KEYWORD1 BRAND MODEL" then Google will essentially ignore them as far as using the page title in the SERPS. If you want your page titles to display you'll want them to be as unique as possible. So I'd pull unique stuff like the model number, UPC, and product name to plug into the title. So it will look more like: "Samsung EchoBox SB2-33R - UPC: 1Z 999 AA1 01 2345 6784"