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    Hey guys I was thinking of either becoming an affiliate or buying wholesale e-cigs. I like to smoke when I drink so I thought I would buy one and smoke it at the bar when I drink and when people ask me about it I can either give them a card with a link that redirects to my affiliate e-cigs or sell them one that I bought wholesale. What would be better? I like the fact as an affiliate you make money on the extra cartridges they buy. Does anyone know of a good affiliate?
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    Yeah, course. It's a decent way to get offline/online sales. Hand out leaflets at business parks' smoker's sheds, stadiums where there are lots of people banished to the great outdoors, anywhere really, pubs, clubs and bars. Set up a landing page, give them a discount or whatever on the leaflet, or just buy in bulk and get ranked, sell to health shops, leaflets at quit smoking centres, hospitals where they're told to give it up but can use e-cigs to get off the stuff (and hooked on the x10 amount of nicotine in e-cigs). Run a private forum for those that buy through your site so you can lock them in to upsell flavours, accessories to them.

    Just be prepared that people that smoke won't want to look like an idiot with an e-cig and would rather kill themselves the old fashioned way. Invest in a printer/paper so you can save on printing costs. Employ groups of people or companies that handout leaflets on high streets and shopping centres to blast every major city with your aff link/landing page - use QR codes on the leaflets to be cool ;). Just make sure that your commission can absorb the offline costs, or you'd be better off just trying to rank a site for buyer's terms (but do this as well, obviously).