e-cigarettes in canada?

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    May 2, 2012
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    Anyone here smoke e-cigarettes or is involved with the market in Canada?

    Having some trouble with the e-juice as it's currently illegal to import nicotine products, and the government frowns (angry letters) on selling e-cigs w/ nic as it's currently unregulated.. I have a local supplier of e-juice with nic, but it's rather expensive and not available in bulk quantities for a significant price break (just doesn't want to deal in bulk, I suspect).

    Was thinking of buying bulk liquid nicotine (though you can't really get it at +30% it'll still be cheaper than how it is now) and bulk e-juice bases and flavours separately in Canada (don't have a nic place yet, but have a lead at least), combining them myself (I have enough chemistry experience to do this safely) but I thought I should ask about other's experience first before I go out and do this.

    Anybody know if there's a law I don't know about prohibiting this, or if this isn't a sound business strategy? I have a little experience with home-grown distribution networks like this, but not where nicotine is concerned, and e-cigarettes are a fairly new playground.

    Hopefully nobody minds this in the lounge...

    Thanks guys