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Nov 13, 2009
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Sorry I'm not sure where I should post this, just looking for some advice.

I'm putting together an E-Book, my subject might be hit or miss I'm not really sure at the moment, but I figure trying is better than not. If anyone has experience with E-Books it'd be great if they could give me advice.

Also what software should I use to create the E-Book? What are somethings I should do in order to make the E-Book look professional? Lastly can I get a link to some good looking E-Books?

I'm good with graphic design and what not and thinking I might make it into a series so I want to produce a quality good looking book and not like some of the really terrible books I see people have made. Sure those get the information across but they just look very unprofessional, which makes you question your confidence in their advice.
First of all, wrong section. The thing about ebooks, is it doesn't matter how damn pretty or ugly they are, or even how useful they are. If someone has your ebook it means they got it for free or they bought it, so you already got the money. If the content is GOOD and UNIQUE they won't give a damn about how pretty it is. They could care less as long as it is making money or teaching them something. You just write the ebook in a way that MAKES SENSE and is EASY TO UNDERSTAND. The salespage is what has to look pretty. I would also reccomend hiring somebody for the salespage, because it takes experience to start writing things that will catch people's eyes and make them by things. I would go to the Hire a Freelancer section on the side of a forum and make a post asking for somebody to create the sales page for you and ignore how pretty the ebook is.
I disagree, if you have any hopes of building a longterm reputation for creating a quality product, I would recommend putting the small amount of effort into making the product look good visually, it only takes 1/2 hour to add some pictures/screen captures. I would recommend adding a nice color picture to each chapter heading and finishing off each of your products as professionally as possible.

It hardly takes any extra time
I maybe completely new to this, but I agree exactly with redtide and that is what I'm thinking. I think if I intend to build a reputation as being an ebook writer specifying in this specific niche then I need to produce a good looking produce.

If I am producing ebooks that are easy to understand, have good information and also have some nice pictures and what not people will start to trust the line of products and would be more likely to purchase another in the line if the first was high quality.

You might be right about the sales page, the thing I just can't really afford anyone to write anything so I will probably do my best to look at many sales pages and see what they are doing.

Anyways, can you guys recommend some software that would be good for making ebooks? I was curious can you put links inside an ebook that will take the person to another section when clicked. A simple example would be for the chapters section clicking a chapter would automatically take them to the beginning of that page. I think this would be good when referring to another subject so they could easily navigate the ebook.
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