duplicate wordpress pages with slightly altered content. newbie question

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    just trying to wrap my head around some of these basic SEO tips for my niche on my wordpress site..

    Saw some amazon affiliates strategies on here that involve looking at the google adwords keyword tool, finding very specific keywords in your niche with low competition and low or semi-decent monthly searches so you can rank on those terms easier.

    But if i really only have 1 product, or one newsletter list I'm trying to push.. Is it a good strategy to build one solid blog post/squeeze page, and just duplicate it but change the title, meta tags, some basic keyword sentences to match each target search I'm trying to rank for? Or would google block me for almost duplicate content?

    for example... lets say i was selling a Vegan Cookbook.. I create a wordpress page all about the vegan recipes and all that, and page has a title of "Amazing vegan recipes" or w/e. but its high competition to rank.

    So i find a few people are searching for vegan salmon, vegan butter, vegan chicken, etc...

    If i duplicate that original squeeze page with the same link to my ebook, but change the title to "Amazing Vegan Salmon Recipes", and "Amazing Vegan BUtter recipes", etc.... Does that help in any way or jsut hurt because of the duplicate content minus the titles and a few keywords here and there?

    :noidea: any help would be appreciated. thanks.
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    I would personally just avoid creating duplicate content across two sites you own as Google will typically rank one and then put the other in the supplemental index. It would be better to spend your time creating 2 unique pages to avoid long term issues.