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Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by supermat007, Sep 12, 2011.

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    About a week ago I though up a site and just did all the usuall on page SEO. Also my keyword was in the title.

    For a few days after I bought it I was just changing the page around. Tried out a wordpress blog, then a plain html page then I filled in the blank page and get it right.

    After a few days I was on page 1, the keyword was a pretty obscure one so pretty easy. No off page seo what so ever. Just though up the site and it was there.

    However, the title and discription text was of the page I had for like the first day, so it was as if it was lagging.

    Then a couple more days and it had updated but still not to what I had changed it to finally.

    There where also other pages in googles listing which werent even pages anymore. The wordpress pages... ?p=4....those type

    Then yesterday. The page just dissapeared from google. Not in the top 100. But if I put my url in google, just domainname.com its there. Also its there if I take out the space between the keywords. Its a 2 word keyword.

    But whats really strange.

    If I do that, remove the spaces or just use my domainname, there lists 2 listings that are both identical, exactly the same url, everything. Ive never seen that before.

    Even though they are both 100% identical, the same URL everything, ones cached page is up to date, and the others is the empty html template I put up before I changed any of it.

    All a bit strange.

    Just google dance stuff? give it a bit more time to sort itself out and it will be back up there?

    I did notice a few other people saying they lost rankings the last couple of days?