Duplicate Contentas a form of offensive SEO.

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Rakkimaru, Jul 7, 2013.

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    I understand there's many around who are against negative/offensive SEO or if it's even possible.
    But let's leave the ethics and morals aside for this discussion. I'm just curious to find out various "de-ranking" attacks possible, to find ways to prevent/defend against it.

    If a content site were to have its contents(articles) copied and blasted onto a multitude of sites(via UD, AMR, SENuke, etc), will there be a penalty for duplicate content on the original site?

    If not, does that mean Google actually has a way to determine the "earliest" version of the content which was authentic and then subsequently decreases the ranking factors for the future articles/content?

    If so, doesn't that make any site very vulnerable to both content based attacks & also link spam?
    Just like how many would recommend against xrumer & scrapebox AA lists blasts to your money site, it makes me feel like its really tough to defend your site.
    So many manhours will be wasted just to disavow incoming link spams.

    What can a webmaster do against potential attacks?
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    Dude, I have many bad experiences with some clients and partners but at the end, I will say forgive them who did bad with you instead of wasting your time in doing neg SEO, earn a good amount of money by utilizing that time in Positive SEO. Think positive, Do positive, Expect positive and Have Positive.
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    i think you miss something in his post, he mainly want to know how to avoid neg SEO from his competitors.

    Base on what i know, Google can tell which content is the original and which are duplicated.
    if your competitors are trying to links bad quality websites to your sites, you can use Seo Spyglass to track them and then use Google Disavow tools to get rid of them.

    PS: This is what i know, i ain't no pro in SEO nor IM.
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    You can disable copy and paste on your site. You can use copyscape, you can be active and look up some of your content from time to time with exact quotes to see if other sites have your stuff up, if they do you can at least ask them to take it down, if that doesn't work contact their web hosting company.

    But in the end I have never actually seen the duplicate content thing actually hurt a website... To me it is more of a myth than anything... Google knows it is rampant so they are not going to penalize the good, the bad, and the ugly all with a steal fist...

    I have autoblog sites that rank just fine, and I have original content sites that rank just fine, and I have both that don't rank worth a damb... There is not just one thing that will hurt your sites, just be sure to build quality sites that have good niche focused content, have good on and off page SEO, and a usable design for the users to keep them on your site longer, and you will do fine...

    Just my experience and thoughts.
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    Rakkimaru, link your content to your Google+ account using author markup

    As per Google themselves, this is a new modern way of letting Google know who the author of content is. This way scrapers won't stand a chance, or at least not for too long.

    Or at least +1 each new piece of content you post, so that it's indexed first, before anyone else gets the chance to re-publish it.