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Dumb luck first page ranking - Long Story - Need advice

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Topg338, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. Topg338

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    Aug 26, 2015
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    So I have had a money site for almost 1 year and barely has any content. I've only been using BH methods to drive traffic to a banner page.

    My money offer was making $2k+ monthly for over 2 years on auto-pilot. I signed up directly with a company as an affiliate. Last month I was contacted directly and told the company is taking a "temporary" break from this offer, even though it's still active with other aff sites.

    I've been paid in full and never had an action reversed or questioned. I'm hoping this money offer comes back, but I'm not gonna waste time waiting.

    I decided to make a couple new sites using WH to rank and maybe adsense them. Adding them to search console, I decided to also add my money site last week.

    Surprisingly the "content dry" money site is actually ranked on page 1 with google for a mild 1k+ keyword related to the niche. My other site in the same niche is ranked page 8+ and it has 5, 1k+ word SEO optomized articles.

    1. So I'm thinking of moving my articles to the money site. But it's domain name is retarded, I used to change domains for BH purposes, and the name was only picked for its low price.

    2. Write new unique content for the money site and have 2 sites in the same niche competing with each other?

    3. Spin current and future articles between both site. And maintain 2 separate sites on the same niche with similar content.

    4. Leave money site for BH and new site for WH. Eventually leaving money site to wither away and die when it expires.

    5. Try applying to the same offer, requires approval, from an aff site and risk terminating my direct relationship with the company. I used my real name and info.

    Those are the options I have come up with so far. I'm leaning towards #3 and #5.

    Anyone been in the same boat have any advice? What do you guys think? Maybe there are other options I haven't thought about.