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Ducalis Journey 10$/day IG+OGAds

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by Ducalis, Oct 20, 2016.

  1. Ducalis

    Ducalis Newbie

    Jul 4, 2016
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    Hello everyone!
    First of all, I want to say sorry for my English.

    I am on this journey for 12 days. And now I decided to start this thread because of sad results. I hope someone can give me any advices. Or maybe my expirience will prevent someone's mistakes.

    So, what I have:
    • Free Amazon VPS
    • Mass Planner
    • My own .com domain (wordpress)
    • 16 fresh IG accounts (~5 was banned)
    • 10 semi-dedicated proxies (1 per 3 accounts)
    • 2 niches (8 per 1 niche)
    What I did?
    Firstly I decided to test some niches and bot settings. Okay, now I know that OGAds landing pages looks cool, but their niches are oversaturated. So I decided to test my own landing page and 8 accounts on it. This is videogames niche, so, probably, kids 12-18 are my audience. Okay, targeted some popular games in instagram. It was yesterday's evening. Believe me or not, but when I checked dashboard I didn't noticed that 1.15$ appeared in my earnings! I'm really happy, it is more than I earned all days in journey before. I did it just now to give some statistics.
    Here they are:
    • 8 accounts, following followers of ~6 accounts related to games.
    • Followed ~100 each since yesterday till now (350-400 per day) and now.
    • Clicked on the link in bio: 14
    • Clicked on the content locker's button: 10
    • Conversations: 3
    • Earnings: 1.15$
    You know what I do really like? The math! I like to calculate some statistics. So, 21% of all site visitors give me conversations and it is 33% ePC. It is from 8 accounts and 400 followings per day, actually from 8*100=800 followings. Theoretically, 400 followings*8 accs=3200. So 3200/800=4. It means if 800 followings = 1$, so 3200 followers = 4 dollars per day. I can't explain this more understandable because of the language barrier.
    Okay 1 account gives me 4/8=0.5$ per day, so it is not bad too. 80 accs will give me 40$ per day. Sounds cool theoretically, doesn't it? My month wage is 350$, lol, of course it sounds cool!

    Yes, I have other 8 accounts left on other niche, which uses OGAds landing. And I don't know how to make it work, at least now.

    As I know, many people ask OP of such journeys what providers of everything he uses. So here are my providers:

    • Proxies: buyproxies, semi-dedicated (do not use VPS IP, got banned in 3 days)
    • IG accs: accs123 for 0.7$ each (do not forget about warming up!)
    • PV: smspva (mass planner's autoverification works not perfectly, PV by hands, my advice)
    • Hosting: fozzy . Just used this before and it's very good i think.
    • Domain: fozzy/godaddy
    What to do:
    I should recognize what to do with my first niche, because these 8 accounts are almost useless in this way. Test some following sources.

    Question: guys, do you know any easy way to clone my wordpress site? Don't want to deal with db creating and other stuff.

    One more thing: ask your affiliate manager if you have any questions about something related to OGAds. And I had so damn bad manager, I had an impression that he is less competent to me. So I asked OGAds to change him C: Zach, you are debil.

    That's all I wanted to say for this moment. Will update thread with results and any new thoughts. Good luck everyone!
  2. Bshido

    Bshido Registered Member

    May 2, 2016
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    and another IG journey...
    Nothing special anymore.
  3. soa0611

    soa0611 Supreme Member

    Apr 20, 2015
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    Proigral s podlivoy:D

    Dont use 123accs again